[BREAK] Pokemon Pack Bundle | Bundle #1


Bundle Pack Summary:

  • 20 bundles available
  • 6 packs per bundle
    • Packs include: 2x Battle Styles, 2x Chilling Reign, 2x Evolving Skies
  • Prizes: 6x Battle Styles, 6x Battle Styles, 6x Chilling Reign, 6x Chilling Reign, 6x Evolving Skies, 6x Evolving Skies
    • 3 in 10 chance of winning a prize


Pick a pack bundle and see what’s in side!  Each bundle is guaranteed to have 6 booster packs in each (pack breakdown is shown above).  With each purchase you have a chance at winning a prize which will DOUBLE the packs you get!  These pack bundles will be opened live on Twitch!


  • 3:10 win a prize