[BREAK] Pokémon TCG: 2X Booster Box Card # Mixer



How it works:

In this break there will be 10 total spots.  Each spot will randomly be assigned a number 0-9 (selected through random.org).  Once each spot is assigned a number, all cards rare or better ending with the corresponding (0-9) number will go to that person.  EXAMPLE: If the card number is 001 then the person assigned 1 will receive that card, if the card number is 109 then the person assigned 9 will receive that card!

If in any case a person who purchase a spot does not receive any hits we will draw from our fail pile or provide additional packs.

With each quantity 1 purchase you will receive 1 spot.  (We will keep the ALL the bulk, you’ll still receive the rare card or better & the TCG code card).

Quantity 1 purchase = 1 Spot

This product will be opened live on TWITCH at twitch.tv/hilltoptcg. We will update our story on Instagram with when live breaks will start.

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