Pokemon Vintage Booster Mystery Pack | Batch #2


Chase Packs:

  • Jungle (Wigglytuff) Booster Pack
    • Value: ~$165
  • Fossil (Aerodactyl) Booster Pack 
    • Value: ~$165

Mystery Pack Summary:

  • Each mystery pack will contain 3 – 5 packs (median value of $25)
    • Pack variety will range from Scarlet & Violet, Sun & Moon, and vintage eras
    • Mid tier chase packs also include Hidden Fates and Evolving Skies


Pick a pack and see what’s inside! Each mystery pack is guaranteed to have a median value of $25. With each mystery pack bundle you will have a chance at getting 1 of 2 vintage booster packs.  Each pack bundle will contain a variety of booster packs ranging from Scarlet & Violet, Sun & Moon and vintage eras with mid tier chase packs include Hidden Fates and Evolving Skies.


  • 1:20 Vintage Booster Pack
  • 1:5 Mid Tier Booster Pack